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Welcome to started as a humble repository serving my presentation material in a raw HTML directory listing. At some point that state felt too embarrassing to bear, so I wrote this site. Writing was done with Vim (html and js sources); graphics were created using The Gimp (pix). The javascript "special effects" (fading and the like) are provided by the Dojo toolkit.

Here is what you will find on this site.


View and download slides of presentations I gave. Topics include OpenEmbedded, test_harness.h, my tiny mocking toolkit for writing C unit tests, Scrum / Agile Management, and the RESTful web application messaging protocol RestMS.


If you are interested, curious, or nosy, then don't hesitate to view my resume online, or download a PDF version.

Links to Things

A page containing links to stuff I'm doing at other places in the web.


The About page has copyright and contact information.